For many in the marketing field, knowing how to communicate to customers, prospects and employees during this pandemic is causing some anxiety. To ease the uncertainty of what to say and how to continue promoting products and services in a professional manner, I have compiled a few helpful resources.

COVID-19 marketing communications resources:

  • The AP Style Book guide for the coronavirus – To help with the communication of the coronavirus, The Associated Press created this guide, which includes proper usage of terms and verbiage surrounding the virus. This guide is helpful in ensuring you are using and referencing the coronavirus and COVID-19 correctly.
  • A compilation of COVID-19 outreach emails – Over the past few weeks, our inboxes have been filled with emails from various companies about how they are handling this pandemic. If you are looking to send out some communication and aren’t sure what to say, Really Good Email compiled more than 20 COVID-19 emails from various companies. These are a great reference for how different organizations are handling their outreach.
    One thought when it comes to your email communications: Do make sure you are approaching your email communication deliberately, with sensitivity to what is going on right now. This Fast Company article has some good tips for business communications.
  • A list of what other brands are doing – AdAge put together a list of how brands are responding to the coronavirus. This list is being updated regularly, and includes everything from which organizations are donating goods and services, to who is mandating working from home. This information is just good to know overall and helpful when trying to figure out a way your company can help during this uncertain time.

Information is continuing to evolve

There are many other resources available online, should you be looking for something more specific for your organization. During this unprecedented time, new information will continue to be released. Keep yourself, your employees and your customers informed of any changes to your business operations. Above all, remember that we are all in this together.