How to Write Effective Subject Lines

Effective subject lines are key to any email marketing efforts. They are the first line of defense that will determine if your email will see the light of day and ultimately convert.  

Deciding what subject line is going to be the perfect mix of informative and enticing can be quite the challenge, luckily there are a few tricks and best practices to set your emails apart from the pack. 

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Three ways to effectively use your marketing personas

Creating marketing personas can be a fun exercise. You get a chance to really dive into who makes up your target audience, and in a way, get to know them. And now that you have these marketing personas, the next step is putting them to good use, and apply these findings to create successful sales and marketing campaigns.

Not sure where to start? Here are three ways you can put your marketing personas to good use:

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Why Should You Create a Business Podcast?

Living in an age of such technological advances, it is no wonder that there are now more tools and mediums than ever for marketers to promote their messages.  

One such advancement is the rise of podcasts. These digital clips, often presented as episodes in a series, are starting to see a lot of lift in the business space. In fact, Smallbizgenius research states that “39% of small and medium size business owners are podcast users.” 

So, why should you choose to elevate your marketing strategy and business with a podcast?

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How to use microcopy to interject personality and brand into user experience

We’ve all heard the saying “the devil is in the details,” and for marketers, this rings true in every aspect of our job. From large content pieces, to the tiniest bit of copy, one word or phrase can make all the difference in how customers and prospects view the brand. So when it comes to incorporating branding and personality throughout every aspect of the business – website, collateral, marketing materials, etc., don’t leave out the little bits and pieces. This includes the microcopy on websites, landing pages and interfaces. Often forgotten or not given a second thought, these bits of copy can make all the difference in a client or prospective client’s experience with a brand.

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Automating your Social Media? Here’s how to get started

As marketing technology and artificial intelligence gets smarter, there are more options available for automating certain tasks such as social media management. For companies of all sizes, being able to refocus employee time and energy to bigger and more strategic initiatives is positive for both business and the bottom line. However, there is no one-size-fits all approach to any social media management solution, so how do you know which one to choose?

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Copywriter vs Content Marketing Agency- There’s a Difference and Here It Is…

Both are responsible for helping you write and create top notch content to fit your project needs…

But what is the difference?

Copywriters produce marketing and promotional materials at the request of people and businesses. They are masters of content creation and work to create copy in all sorts of mediums to fit their project goals.

Content marketing agencies do the same, but their job expands far beyond this. Rather than just writing the content they are responsible for the whole creation process and can help design and ensure alignment within your business’s content strategy.

Both are great and will provide you with quality content, but with a content marketing agency you get so much more.


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Can AI make your email marketing campaigns more successful?

Email marketing is no easy task. Especially given the amount of emails that cross your inbox everyday. But when it works, it works – leading to increased awareness and revenue.

Finding the right mix of messaging, click-worthy subject lines, and optimal send times is like trying to fit together pieces of a puzzle. And while stats from past campaigns are essential to preparing for the next campaign, being able to make changes on the fly or send emails tailored to each recipient can make a world of difference. As technology, especially AI, continues to evolve, email marketing is starting to get a whole lot smarter, and more effective.

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Are Newsletters Dead and Marketers Moving On…?

Newsletters. A timeless tactic that almost all marketers are sure to have employed at one point or another. Whether you’re offering up the latest on your solutions and services or serving up valuable thought leadership, they are a great way to connect with prospects and customers. But you may ask yourself how effective are newsletters? Are they worth the hassle? Wouldn’t some other new marketing approach be better?

Well I wouldn’t rule them out just yet…

This article from ecommerce business sums it up nicely, especially when they say,

“Customers with a strong attachment to a particular company spend 23% more than average consumers, and the newsletter is a prime candidate to distinguish a brand from the competition.”

So at the end of the day, why should you keep up your existing newsletter or think about starting one up?

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Using AI to create a more personalized customer journey

With many customers purchasing products and services online, the customer journey has become an important part of the sales and retention process. But how does a company keep this fundamental experience from becoming monotonous and cold? Fortunately, as marketing AI and automation become more attainable, companies can now take their customer journey to a new and more effective level with a personalized experience.

The importance of personalization

44% of consumers are more likely to be repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the human connection is getting diluted. Think about the last time you tried to contact a customer service department, only to run into long hold times. Or spent the afternoon cleaning out your inbox of email offers that don’t really apply to your current needs or wants.

It is often the little things that make all the difference for a customer – whether it is a tailored offer or a more personalized message. This especially rings true as your customer makes his or her way through their journey to purchase. Imagine the impact of offering upgrades or add-on packages that make sense to his or her specific situation, or being able to offer around the clock support, should a question arise during or post purchase. I am sure you can already envision the difference these simple suggestions would make to a sale or to a long-term customer relationship.  Continue Reading