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4 ways to enhance your webcam communication

Welcome to the new normal, where web conference calls have replaced in-person communication for everything from weekly staff meetings to major events. How can you ensure that you’re engaging your audience and making the best impression? Discover four quick tips from a web-meeting veteran.… Continue Reading

New to Remote Work? 7 Tips from a WFH Pro.

Working from home was everybody’s dream—until it suddenly became reality. As a writer who’s worked remotely for close to two decades, I can’t count the number of times people have told me, “You’re so lucky! I’d love to work in my pajamas!” While telecommuting definitely has perks (no gridlock, no dress code), it comes with … Continue Reading

Automating your Social Media? Here’s how to get started

As marketing technology and artificial intelligence gets smarter, there are more options available for automating certain tasks such as social media management. For companies of all sizes, being able to refocus employee time and energy to bigger and more strategic initiatives is positive for both business and the bottom line. However, there is no one-size-fits … Continue Reading

6 ways small companies can market like the big guys

Small companies often get inferiority complexes. It looks kind of like this: “We can’t possibly compete with abc competitor because they have a huge marketing budget.” “Those guys have so many people, they can really afford to do it all, we can’t keep up.” I’ve worked with companies big and small and there is one … Continue Reading