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Monday Matters: Decisiveness is the Stuff of Legends

There’s a reason why people don’t like politicians who “flip flop” When you change your mind frequently, people find it hard to know what you stand for, which makes it difficult for them to follow you. While some adaptation of ideas is natural over time as new information informs decision making, frequent abrupt changes of position are unsettling for … Continue Reading

Monday Matters: Win Forever

Seahawks Pete CarrollThe Seahawks logged another victory over the Oakland Raiders yesterday to clinch second place in their division. While the team has stumbled a bit more than expected in the early part of the season, coach, Pete Carroll’s philosophy seems to resonate with the team. Carroll’s team mantra is “Win Forever.” He breaks this philosophy down … Continue Reading

Monday Matters: Are You Too Responsive?

Happy Monday! This week, let’s take a look at something I struggle with regularly, responsiveness.  How responsive should you be to clients, vendors, co-workers or your Mom? How often do you check email and how quickly do you respond? I admit, I check my email all the time. I don’t want to miss a thing. … Continue Reading