2021: The Year of… Really, Another Webinar?


Webinars and other “virtual events” were a novelty at the beginning of the pandemic, but fatigue from long hours spent in front of the computer is taking a toll. After nearly a year of virtual overload, can we still say webinars are an effective marketing strategy? You’re darn right, we can. Let me explain.

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How to ensure your virtual SKO is leaving a (good) lasting impression

Sales Kick Offs (SKOs) are getting a bit of a makeover this year, as many are going to be virtual. Taking what is normally an exciting, in-person event online adds an interesting twist for marketing and event teams who are working hard to make it memorable and energizing for the sales team and organization leaders.

When making the leap from in-person to online, good content plays an important role on making your event a success.

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Time to spread a little cheer: Three steps to creating your company holiday card

The holiday season is right around the corner (literally), and one traditional item for most organizations is sending out a holiday card. For what is seemingly a simple item, it can often be fairly complex when deciding the card design and what it should say. Fortunately, whether you are looking to print or email (or both) your greeting, it’s not too late to get it done and we’re here to help.

Three steps to creating a company holiday card

Use these three steps to help you with the creation of your holiday card and the organization of your mailing list:

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Recalibrate your buyer personas in times of change

Change is a constant, but lately it’s been a bit extra. And chances are, your target audience might be shifting as well. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally adjusted the ways we live: many of us have lost or changed jobs, our home lives have new dynamics, we’re spending more time outside, we’ve cancelled plans and maybe even rethought our long-term trajectories. With all this change, it’s more important than ever to recalibrate your marketing strategies, starting with your buyer personas.

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Video marketing is important, and here’s why

Video image

If you feel like video is everywhere, well, it is. And there’s a good reason for it – according to a recent study by Zenith, it’s estimated people will spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos in 2021. What does this mean for marketers? Now, more than ever, it’s time to add video into your marketing strategy.

Three reasons why video is an important addition to your marketing mix

Still on the fence? Have some concerns? Here are a few solid reasons why video is an important part of your marketing strategy: 

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New to Remote Work? 7 Tips from a WFH Pro.

Working from home was everybody’s dream—until it suddenly became reality.

As a writer who’s worked remotely for close to two decades, I can’t count the number of times people have told me, “You’re so lucky! I’d love to work in my pajamas!” While telecommuting definitely has perks (no gridlock, no dress code), it comes with a unique set of challenges. Here are a few pro-tips for navigating your new WFH life. Continue Reading

Resources for marketers navigating outreach during the coronavirus

For many in the marketing field, knowing how to communicate to customers, prospects and employees during this pandemic is causing some anxiety. To ease the uncertainty of what to say and how to continue promoting products and services in a professional manner, I have compiled a few helpful resources.

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Considerations for communicating your brand during uncertain times

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many companies uncertain of how to communicate to both their customers and their employees. Simply ignoring the current events and carrying on business-as-usual could make your organization appear callous. On the other hand, trying to come across as an expert on something you don’t know much about could lead to issues down the road.

Communication can definitely get complicated very quickly and leave companies not sure how to proceed. To help you navigate this new territory, we have a few tips and best practices to take into account.

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